Corporate licences are available for organisations that have five or more staff interested in using CIMA on demand.

It offers a consistent training approach for the whole team, across multiple locations globally and enables your staff to complete their professional development or training when and where is convenient.

Add to your learning management system
Our online courses are fully compatible with all online training portals and learning management systems, allowing you to integrate it with your own internal HR and staff development processes.

Track usage and understanding
All courses contain knowledge checks. Regular reports can be provided to show usage of the courses and results for the knowledge check tools built into each course. These reports are often useful in identifying knowledge gaps or areas of particular interest so that further learning can be planned.

Tailored solutions for your business
Tailored training programmes can be developed to enhance the finance and business skills of staff across your organisation and provide innovative value-added training for your team.

We offer a range of different methods to deliver our training. You can choose CIMA Mastercourses – our face-to-face classroom based training, live online, CIMA on demand, or a blend of all three. Working with you we can develop a programme that meets your needs and will equip your staff with the competencies and skills they need to impact your business objectives and develop personally.

Members of the CIMA Corporate Discount Scheme can use their investment to pay for CIMA on demand courses.

Find out more
To find out more and discus how we can meet your learning and development needs please email us.

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