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Professionals today are called upon to demonstrate their ability to be skilful and flexible, irrespective of their position, in how they influence others. As organisations become less formal in their power structures, and flatter and more flexible in their systems of governance, there is an even greater need for finance professionals to have the ability to influence other people.

During this one hour course, you will gain valuable insights into their strengths as well as development areas to become consummate influencers. By creating a greater awareness of the assets and skills required to effectively influence, participants can develop the strength, the focus, and the interpersonal flexibility required of great influencers.

Influence 1

When managing a business, leaders follow varying agendas and objectives in making decisions. The finance function is often seen as the key steward and guardian of financial value for the investors and will continue to drive the delivery of that value from throughout the business.

This course will introduce you to a clear understanding of the measurement of financial value; how financial value is generated from strategic initiatives, pricing spend management; and how the finance team can contribute to building value.

Strategy 1

Arguably, the problem in most companies with performance measurement isn't that we don't have enough - quite the opposite. It's that we have too much and that what we have is unfocused lacks a real connection to strategy, lacks coherence down and across the organisation and fails to drive the behaviours and results we seek. The balance scorecard is a performance management framework that seeks to address these shortcomings

Management reporting and analysis 1.5

This course focuses on the need for the finance function, and accountants in particular, to have a broader understanding of the needs of operational management. It concentrates on being able to communicate more effectively, recognising our personality traits and how we are perceived by others and to gain more influence through a mutual understanding the linkage between financial outcomes and value creation.

Management reporting and analysis 1.5

Ever since Capital Allowances were introduced, they have been an extremely valuable way for businesses to reduce their tax liabilities.

The rules are subject to regular changes by Government as they seek to provide incentives for different parts of the economy to grow. Keeping up with these changes is key to a successful tax strategy.

There are two key tasks, the first is to identify expenditure which qualifies for Capital Allowances, the second is to make the right computations and claims. This course will help guide you through this valuable but complex process.

Tax strategy, planning and compliance 1

Arriving at the accounting profit is only the start of the journey required to arrive at profits for tax purposes.

The course looks at the adjustments that are required to turn accounting profits into taxable profits.

It is quite possible that despite the attempts at alignment, these two measurements will look very different for certain companies. There have been a number of recent changes as a result of tax reform which are included in this course.

Tax strategy, planning and compliance 1
Technical skills 1
New courses 1

This course uses the latest thinking from Harvard Business School to achieve sustainable negotiated agreements that satisfy all parties at the table, using powerful tools to deal with the most complex of multi-party negotiations.

Negotiation and decision making 1

For professionals wanting to know how to use both halves of their brain to get more from it, think both logically and strategically, and keep one step ahead of colleagues.

Negotiation and decision making 1

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