Enterprise risk management


Risk management has been talked about for many years but it has a history of inconsistent and misunderstood definitions. This has led to the development of new frameworks to allow all types of organisation to understand and better manage their risk environments. This course will introduce one of these frameworks known as Enterprise Risk Management ERM and will outline:

  • what ERM is
  • why ERM was developed
  • how ERM works.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course, participants will obtain a greater understanding of:

  • The importance of having a standardised approach to risk management and the key differences to other approaches
  • The concepts underlying ERM
  • Recognisng ERM's three dimensional approach to risk management
  • Appreciating that ERM focuses on both the total organisation as well as the smaller supporting units so presenting an enterprise wide perspective of risk.

Authored by: Neeta Major

Neeta has worked across both the private and public sectors within external audit, financial accounting, management accounting and internal audit. Neeta has been actively involved in the provision of governance, risk, value for money and fraud seminars to managers with a broad range of backgrounds (financial and non financial).

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CPD Duration (hours): 1

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