Cybersecurity - Introduction


With cybercrime making headline news, it is more important than ever to be aware of our own digital footprint and the impact that it can have on our surroundings.

Protecting our data and taking vital precautions to maintain our digital privacy and continuity has become of paramount concern. Many users aren’t aware of the cyber threats lurking on the internet, cyber criminals and malicious hackers target regular people like you and me far more frequently than we would like to think.

The cybersecurity market has grown 35 times in the past decade, and is set for exponential growth with spending on products and services to eclipse $1 trillion worldwide.

This course provides information and advice, along with some easy steps to help minimise risk in today’s often confusing cyber landscape.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, participants will obtain a greater understanding of:

  • Introduction to cybersecurity
    • How is cybersecurity defined in today’s world
    • Latest statistics and market growth
    • The big players announce their cyber budgets
  • Minimsing risk online
    • How to spot a fraudulent site
    • What to look for when entering personal details
    • How to not get hacked
  • Types of threats we face today
    • DDoS type attack
    • Pharming – redirected traffic
    • Ransomware – close up and how to mitigate risk
    • What leads to vulnerabilities in a system
  • Types of hackers and where are they
    • Hackers categorised
    • Intro to the DarkNet
  • Update: what’s on in the world
    • Significant news stories
    • Top threats coming up
  • Bonus Section
    • Case study: (NHS WannaCry)
    • Online resource

Authored By: Pratish Sharma

With 20 years of experience in building technical systems for businesses, Pratish Sharma advises organisations around Europe on evolving technologies, including Data Protection, Cryptocurrencies, Artificial Intelligence and in streamlining data practices. He also presents courses on a variety of technical subjects based on industry trends. This includes helping people to save time and resource in analysing trends in business data, using Excel to optimise profit and forecasting, and advising on Cyber Security.

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