Leadership and Management 10 course pack

The ability to lead and manage effectively relies on a number of key skills. Develop the skills, knowledge and abilities you need to be a more successful leader and get the best performance from yourself and others.

The pack includes the following 10 courses:


This course will benefit those who want to be more confident when dealing with people and increase your ability to deal with difficult people and stressful situations. It will provide a variety of assertiveness skills, tools and techniques and help improve communication skills; including effective listening, questioning, body language and rapport building.

Dealing with change

This course will help you deal and manage change in a more positive and effective way so both you and the organisation can prosper through change and use it to your advantage

Delegation for success

Skillful delegation is one of the most important management skills and yet it is notoriously difficult for managers to crack. When done well, the benefits are huge for the manager, the employee delegated to and for the organisation as a whole.

It enables staff to learn and grow, frees up the manager's time to enable them to take on new responsibilities and finds the most efficient and cost-effective use of the organisation's resources.

Feedback that works

Giving feedback, if done well, is a very powerful tool for developing your individual staff members and improving your team's performance. However, it is not always easy to do. The good news is that it is a skill and, as such, can be learnt. Best practice does exist and it is possible to learn ways of giving even the most difficult of feedback. This course will help you learn how to give feedback in a way that the other person appreciates it and will improve their performance.

Handling difficult conversations

All of us will at times feel reluctant to deliver bad news or to broach sensitive or contentious issues with others. Yet whether in our personal or professional lives we will, in our lifetimes, need to hold many such conversations. Being able to hold them with fairness and equanimity is an invaluable and much-admired skill. This course will provide you with the tools to approach such conversations with greater confidence and to be able to plan and conduct them in such a way that relationships are preserved and where possible a mutually acceptable way forward found.

Leadership and management skills

During this course we’ll have a brief look at theory of Leadership. There are many books that are being written and we’ve distilled some of those key theory papers while bringing it up to date and talk about some of the current trends to look at a team. We’ll look at How to lead a team successfully? How to put a team together successfully? How to make sure your team works and consider the individuals within that team or entity that you are managing on an individual basis? Also to have a look at you as an individual and what you bring to the role of leadership?

Managing difficult members of staff

Aimed at line managers, this course focuses on the practicalities of dealing with difficult members of staff. The courses discusses different types of difficulty a manager may encounter, the motivation of the member of staff concerned and how a team may react to the member of staff. It also covers practical steps needed to deal with both the short and longer term implications.

Negotiation mastery

Negotiation is at the heart of many professional and business interactions whether with clients, internal or external, suppliers, colleagues or indeed, any stakeholder. The key to profitable and sustainable business relationships is the ability to achieve win-win solutions that satisfy all parties at the table.

This course uses thinking from Harvard Business School that will help you achieve sustainable negotiated agreements that satisfy all parties at the table, using powerful tools to deal with even the most complex negotiations.

Presentation skills

Do you feel daunted at the thought of giving a presentation? Are you confused about how to begin to put a presentation together, let alone deliver it? Do you wish that you could create and present an elegant, compelling and influential message easily and seemingly effortlessly? If the answer to one or more of these questions is yes, then this practical and results-focused course is for you and will increase your confidence and ability.

The successful manager

Starting to manage or lead a team from scratch can be very daunting. This course provides the vital practical tools and techniques needed to manage and develop both yourself and your teams to ensure that departmental and organisational goals are achieved.

Price (excludes VAT): £195.00